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     My name is Kristen Wu and I am currently eighteen years of age. This website, was created by me at twelve years old.

When I was six, I was first exposed to miniatures. While visiting Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle in the Chicago Science and Industry Museum, I was entranced by the magic in a smaller scaled world. The finely detailed rooms in the castle were each meticulously designed so that every one-hundreth millimeter of space served a purpose in the miniaturized masterpiece. It would be an understatement to call the castle a mere dollhouse; it was a work of art. I was so captivated that I instantly resolved to create miniature scaled items for myself. This mindset inspired me to use every spare moment for researching tools, materials, and tutorials on the craft of miniaturizing. After experimenting with various techniques and supplies, I realized that I had a natural knack for sculpting miniature food.

Using polymer clay, a type of modeling clay, I carefully sculpt different foods with a needle and small razor blade.  I am passionate about my realistic miniaturized foods and take pride in recreating an item from a mound of clay to look like an actual food item. My goal is to make my sculptures seem so realistic that they seemingly taste and smell like the most decadent piece of chocolate or juciest slice of roast beef. In the small workshop I set up in my room, I sculpt and shape cakes, loaves of bread, vegetables, meats, and almost any food that could arouse the human senses.

My appreciation for details was further enhanced by my love for business when I decided to start selling my miniatures. I love to share my passion with others and make an impact on the way people view art and the miniature world. Through this website I hope to bring affordable, high-quality, colorful miniatures to those of all ages. Thank you for visiting my website and taking a part in my love for tiny food. :P

 Best of Luck,                                                   

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Kristen L. Wu, Creator and Owner