All Miniatures made with love.

About The Products

           We pride in having high quality, very detailed, affordable, and reliable products that are all handmade with love.

(All Miniatures are made in the classic 1:12 scale. This means one inch = one foot in miniature)

HIGH QUALITY: What does this mean? It means all products are meant to last. You don't have to worry about whether the miniatures will fall apart when you get them. All miniatures are tested for durability before they are shipped off. Also, all miniatures are packaged under layers of protection to ensure you that you get a miniature that looks the same as it looked right after it was made.


DETAILED: A lot of times a miniature websight will mass produce miniatures. This is a huge plus for the company, but can be a disappointment to the customer since the details are not as realistic. I spend hours perfecting each piece to give the look of real food. Each miniature piece is handmade by me with love. If I ever make a miniature that isn't detailed enough, I don't put it on the websight. Why? Because every piece is a masterpiece. If it doesn't have great quality to it, I don't sell it. I don't want to give you, the customer, any unworthy products... You simply deserve the best.


AFFORDABLE: This is the main reason why I even started this website. Not everyone can afford high-priced miniatures that look great. That's why all my miniatures are in the affordable range. Before deciding on a price, I look around to all the big miniature department stores and make my price even lower. So, if you ever come across a miniature food item on a big miniature website, I can make the same item for you- but CHEAPER! Just email in, and we will both work something out.  


RELIABLE: The set up in the store is linked through Paypal. Whats great about Paypal is it holds the seller accountable for what is purchased. When you buy something through this website, the transition is automatically recorded in the Paypal history. Paypal sends you the receipt of purchase through email, so you can safetly know where your money went. This ensures you there are no scams of any sort. The email will also include the time frame the item is expected to be at your doorstep. Paypal not only keeps the seller accountable, but is safe and friendly to the buyer.