All Miniatures made with love.


Q: Is the miniature food edible?

A: No. The miniature food is handsculpted by me from Polymer Clay. Polymer Clay is a type of craft clay that is avalible in various colors. The clay is baked in an oven and hardened for decoration purposes only. It should never be consumed.


Q: I want to buy multiple items. How can I do this without having to purchase each individually?

A: Unfortunately, the store is set up with only the ability to buy one item at a time. However, if you would like to purchase many together, please send an email to . By doing this I can put the prices together and send you a link.


Q: Is there any way I can get an item in a different color?

A: Yes. Doing this causes the item to fall under the category of "Custom Order." Please email me to get more information.


Q: I do not have a Paypal. How do I purchase the items?

A: You don't need a Paypal to purchase the items. If you click the button "Buy Now", you have the option of using credit card.


Q: I want to puchase from this site but there is nothing in the store. The website says to check back later. How come?

A: Like every website, sometimes there is a need for editing. I may be adding new items to the store, fixing errors, or maintaining the site. This is crucial in ensuring that there are no errors in the system. I would never want any one of my customers to have difficulty  with my website.


Thank you for visiting my website! Any more questions that were not answered here? Contact me through my email: